Trading/Selling Lots of 5* cards. Also need referals to Dark Summoner.

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You can reach me at ID: 63370996 Here are my 5*: Diane LVL 94 Marguerite LVL 48 Hydra LVL 39 Cerberus LVL 4 Heldegard LVL 81 Norma LVL 39 Sofia LVL 4 Lucrezia LVL 1 Serafina LVL 62 Elena LVL 9 Winston LVL 2 I will be more than happy to trade any 5 on this list for a 6* card since I am trying to complete a 6* formation. These are the 6* I have so please do not offer these: Vlad, Paris, Nina, and Tina. Also, please download Dark Summoner and add my ally invite code. If you get to level 30 in the game we both get super rare cards. If you know any friends, please tell them to use my referal code: ID: 2226534440.