A game that truly draws you in and beats many of the RPG'S 15 years later.

User Rating: 9.5 | Fallout PC
Fallout was made by Black Isle Studio's a faction of Interplay as a spiritual successor to the 1988 RPG Wasteland. Fallout takes place in a future yet retro setting in the year 2161. The world as you know today was ended by a nuclear war between the United States and China. In a brief 2 hours the world was reduced to rubble. A small amount of people retreated into large underground constructs known as Vaults. The main character the "Vault Dweller"'s family was one of the familes to enter. Some 80 years after the Great War your Vault's water chip breaks and your player character is sent out to find a replacement chip. This is where the game starts. This game is played from an isometric perspective. It has a manageable inventory system and an easy access menu. This game has MANY positives. One of the ones that I like the most is the power of choice. Do you choose to side with the shopkeeper/ mayor of the town? Or kill him for a power hungry casino owner. The choice and consequences are up to you. The gameplay in the game is turn based but it works well. The combat has a tactical feel to it. There are a wide assortment of weapons in Fallout and each has a seperate effect. There are also many skills in Fallout. Some have a big effect on your character where as some have a minimal effect. My character was meant to be a smooth talking guy who could shoot very well and that's the style I built around. It's hard to make a SUPER versatile character that specializes in everything put it is possible to create a somewhat versatile character.

The dialogue in Fallout is done very well. There are many accomplished voice actors in the game such as Charlie Adler and Ron Pearlman is the narrator. It's not Crysis 2 in terms of graphics but the spirites still look good.

Overall this game is a great pickup for anyone who enjoys a unique setting, characters and story. Though it may not hold up to graphical standards of today who cares? It's just as important to note that with a rich story and good writing you can't go wrong with Fallout.