FNV's DLC gets off to a rocky start

User Rating: 6 | Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money PS3
Despite a few great characters and a fairly decent story Dead Money fails to live up to it's potential.
The story itself is fairly decent and ties into the main game in a way, if you've spent enough time talking ot Veronica and met the Brotherhood Of Steel you'll be familiar with the character of Father Elijah.
The characters in your ecelectic entourage are very varied and amazingly interesting (the one that will capture most of your attention is Dog) however no matter how well written these characters are you can't help but feel as though Dead Money is somewhat of a letdown.
The backdrop of the Sierra Madre is a wonderful one and is a nice change of pace, reflecting the pre-war hopes and ambitions of those in the Mojave.
The gameplay is where Dead Money really falls down, without a really well levelled character you won't progress far and the oldly steep difficulty curve is somewhat of a put off, and some moments are oddly frustrating.
Overall Dead Money serves its purpose but you feel as those it could have been so much more.