User Rating: 6 | Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues X360
this seems to be a fun and exciting DLC and it is... from what i have played. unfortunately about 4 hours in, while exploring, i entered the x-12 research station. i had not saved other then auto saves, when i entered i killed the one guy not behind a force field wanted to leave but when i went to look for the door it disappeared. it auto saved and now i am stuck in this stupid room and have to load a game 4 levels down and about 7 hours earlier. needless to say this glitch is appalling, the fact that it even exists is beyond my comprehension. it is pathetic that this large of a mistake went overlooked. if this big of a fault exists, i am afraid to find out what else will have me reloading. obsidian should be ashamed that they delayed this DLC and this still happened, stick to what you are best at guys making games with loads of glitches... oh wait never mind that is all you're good at. i want to finish this DLC and maybe i will refresh my score, but after this enraging bug i may have just wasted $10. you have been warned.

since writing this i decided to give this DLC another shot. i have changed the score to a 6 because it is rather fun, probably the best they have released so far. i still however experienced the same issues the original game had as well as what i described above. i could not in good conscience dismiss these bugs and glitches even though i enjoyed the experience considerably. i do respect Obsidian as a developer as they make some of my favorite games, however the fact that these bugs still exist even after the critics and fans hounded them over it is inexcusable, i am simply disappointed. the new weapons and armor are great, especially the new stealth suit. the enemies are varied and devilishly difficult, and the main story is enthralling and humorous. i liked this content i just wish it was more polished, but seriously don't go into X-12!