User Rating: 8.5 | Fallout: New Vegas PS3
Ok so it's been about a year since my last review (and in case you don't know IM A FALLOUT DORK from fallout 1-nv) so i thought i would review one of my newer favorite games.

THE GOOD! :D (10 total)

#1 weapon mods: great because they actually work instead of being decortive and can alter the weapons in many unique ways ( such as a silencer actually sliencing the weapon and not attracting attention)

#2 the faction system: it tells how people will react to you when approached it has {10 paths?} from idolized-villiified such as when idolized people will offer you stuff (the bos energy cells) and when villified they will automatically become hostile when approached or respawned (the omartas, or the legion)

#3 lots of new weapons!!! :) (tri-plas rifle automatic rifle etc)

#4 different currency uses: "out of caps? barter with some legion denarius or some ncr cash" (note unless applying for casino chips try caravan)

#5 great soundtrack: not a big country fan but the music makes it feel like a real wasteland.

#6 new enemies: loosens up the repetive gameplay: such as cazadors (look on bad list) geckos (not new from fallout 2 btw but new engine new look) and such.

#7 awesome clothes: when it comes to trembling the wasteland i like to look GOOD. plus some clothes also are disguises.

#8 REUSABLE AND DIFFERENT AMMO: out of regular 12 shells? use some slugs? out of that? go to a workbench. :)

#9 casinos :) : want to take a break from that fighting? got some caps to spend or a whole lot of legion or ncr money you don't know what to do with? (in my case) head on down to the 3 casinos!! (and you'll be like me :broke in an hour and selling weapons and clothes just for some food {in hardcore mode btw} XD)

#10 hardcore mode: it makes the game more relalistic you have to eat and you have to sleep..ah fun. (wait shouldn't this be on the bad list? NO)

THE BAD :( (p.s prepare to laugh) (10 total)

#1 CAZADORS!!!: nothing makes me more angry then cazadors they are worse then deathclaws!! they poison you and they can also go underwater and still attack!!!! -vents-. need i say more?

#2 deathclaws: if you played fallout 3 then you know how bad they are but in new vegas they are 90x worse..get this im at level 29 attacking them with a tesla cannon no damage, i switch to my fat man still no damage then he lunges at me 2 swipes and im dead. ( oh and they are so strong the developers only limited them to one area.) lol

#3 bugs and glitches: ok so some are funny like the occasional bark scorpion getting caught upside down in the dirt and still moving. while some are just plain sad such as people turning hostile for no reason or people walking into walls or getting stuck in beds..etc

#4 limited health items: a.k.a stimpacks and radaway..stimpacks are more common then radaway which the actual amount in the game is only 120 or less..vendors only stock it 1-3 chance..anyway both are rare..which sucks :P

#5 not much change: if you played fallout 3 then you haven't missed much.

#6 ironsights: it's suppose to help at times it does,but most of the time it just fails.

#7 vats: if you have the same problem i do sometimes then you know what im talking about..ahem "vats fail" (where it goes into vats but the character just stands still and doesn't fire) but lots of time vats isn't accurate either.

#8 changes: a lot of weapons from fallout 3 were taken out like the assault rifle or the chinese pistol (both were awesome)

#9 lame story: guy gets shot, guy gets alive, guy kills guy who shot him, guy saves hoover dam, never to be seen again.. (see?) fallout 3 had a way better story i mean you felt like that character was unique..born in vault then what?..ooh.

#10 the new level up system: one perk every 2 levels and the xp they give you for one mission should level you up one level..which makes it go by fast. ( they give you 2000 xp for one mission.) 2 much. in fact in 1 month i was at level 27..:( level cap is 30 btw.

the verdict!!! O_O

it may use the same engine as fallout 3 BUT IT IS NOT FALLOUT 3!!! there is a lot of fun in this game..and i haven't gone back to fallout 3 yet!!! :D if you a big fallout 3 nerd like i am..(or just a fallout nerd alltogether) then i strongly urge you to try this. (and if you do take the wild wasteland perk it is worth it,)


(ps i know i spelled some words wrong im a fast