Sure there are many errors here and there, they still managed to pull off an unforgettable and amazing game!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Fallout: New Vegas PS3
Now I'm sure many of u have played the blockbuster predecessor to New Vegas, Fallout 3. It wuz an amazing game. It had few things wrong with it and played like a champ. Now New Vegas comes and here we have the same thing EXCEPT: the many bugs and tweaks. The freeze-ups and bugs that tend to happen occur way too often for me to give this game a 10. The gameplay will just stop and freeze up on u without warning, forcing u to restart your PS3. But on the bright side of things the autosave function helps in that sense cuz u can pick back up wherever u got froze on. And I do know this is a very aggravating and disappointing bug and one that many people will have a really tough time overlooking. Oh and by the way its my belief these bugs are there because Bethesda developed the game in just over a year instead of a 4 year period which is the timeframe they have given theirselves in the past on a Fallout project. But IF u can overlook the aforementioned faults, the rest is one hell of a ride. You start out playing as a man who is betrayed his employers and shot in the head and left to die in the desert. UMM, the smell of sweet revenge is in the air. And so the story begins with all its twists and turns. And boy is there a bunch of em. I won't go any further with the story to avoid spoilers. The graphics are pretty good, there are certain parts of the game where objects will blotch together. Plenty of guns to find in the Wasteland. Some of the old enemies are here i.e. Super Mutants, Mole Rats, Bloat Fys and etc. And there are also quite a few new ones introduced to us including a new type of Super Mutants. Plenty of awesome and interesting towns and map locations to discover on ya Pip-Boy. Bethesda offers us plenty of missions, including many many side-missions for u to find and a good bit of story focused missions and the way u play those determines how your experience and ending will turn out. And u have a system which determines how good or evil of a person u are. And depending on what your Karma is and how good or bad of a person u are determines who and what group of people u will befriend. But to wrap it up, this is one hell of a great experience and I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Fallout 3 or any of the previous Fallout games. Hell I recommend it to u even if u didn't like the other Fallouts. Its a great game!! Keep em coming Bethesda!!!