They dropped a nuke, and it was awesome..

User Rating: 9 | Fallout: New Vegas PC
Ahh, Fallout. The game were you venture into an unknown wasteland and find all sorts of fun things to do. Obsidian decided to make things a little more rough though than Fallout 3. You wake up, with your hands tied. You see the man holding your item that was to be delivered. He grabs his firearm and shoots you in the head. A robot digs you up and saves you. This is where the fun starts. Welcome to the Mohave Desert, were raiders are flying everywhere and mutants are civilized.

My first impression of the game was; It feels so alive, the background music sets you in a mood that is irresistible.. You actually want to scavenge, and run for your life as you meet a raider with metal armor. There are lots of weapons, many from Fallout 3. You can mod your weapons with scopes and other kinds of ammo. And give more ammo in a clip.

The quests.. Oh yes the quests. I still haven't found all the quests and seen it all.That's what makes this game great. Nearly all the quests are actually interesting enough to make you wanna complete them.

The combat itself can get rather frustrating though. There are monsters out
there that demand tactics. You will meet enemies that can kill you very
easily if you decide to charge. Remember how you fought a raider or Deathclaw face to face in Fallout 3? Well that is impossible now as they do allot more damage to you. There's still the health of the enemies that bothers me and many others. Why don't they die by a shot in the head? The answer is easy. Hardcore mode. Everything is harder, you die allot easier, but so do they. Obsidian made it as realistic as possible with Hardcore mode. Your limbs doesn't regenerate while you sleep. You'ill need to see a doctor to fix them. And you need to drink and eat to stay alive.

The main quest though could've been better. It's not very interesting and it doesn't make the player wanna continue. And rather side quest and explore.
And as the game doesn't let you play after the main quest, make sure to save
before doing it. This speaks for itself though as it did in Fallout 3. Expansion,
aka, DLC. That lets you continue after the ending.

But as Fallout 3, New Vegas has it's bad sides. Strange (but sometimes funny) glitches. I've seen my enemies stuck in the ground way to many times. And the countless of crashes. Though the game has crashed about 3-5 times for me, other gamers experience this almost all the time.

New Vegas also has stupid enemies that run into walls (and mountains) while trying to get you. This mostly happens with the wild animals.

The packs that followed if you pre-ordered were also uninteresting.
I quickly dropped the tribal raider armor later in game as it rather took space
and gave bad protection. It wasn't very good looking either.

And theres still a karma system. But it doesn't matter if you're good or evil.
I haven't noticed anything different while having good karma. All that matters now is reputation. If you do good deeds to villages and factions you'ill get higher reputation with them. You decide which faction you will join, you'ill meet the NRC (New California Republic) early in the game. And Ceasars Legion a little later. Other factions are scattered all over the desert.

You will also meet companions. This was a great contribution to the game. Unlike the boring companions in Fallout 3, the ones you meet now are more interesting.

I hope this preview was helpful to you. And to make it easier to some of you..

+ Overall good game play
+ Lots of weapons.
+ Harder
+ Hardcore mode
+ Lots of places to explore
+ Interesting side quests
+ Realistic aim view
+ Better performance, but the lag is still there.

- Glitches
- Crashes
- An expansion already on the way
- Boring main quest
- May get a little frustrating for those who just started