The Wild West meets Fallout

User Rating: 10 | Fallout: New Vegas PC

Where do i begin i adore Fallout New Vegas i used to play it on the Xbox 360 and each day i would come back from school and play it until i have to go to sleep, then i got this game on my PC now in reality i have put more time into Fallout New Vegas than any other game, my favourite game, well more or so since Fallout 3 is the one that got me introduced to the Fallout series, but enougth of that lets talk about the game shall we.

Fallout New Vegas is set around the old ruins of Las Vegas, the Mojave Desert to be exact, kind of a western cowboy feel now, you can also say that the Wild West meets Fallout for the first time, the are many new factions now such as the NCR, Legion, Powder Gangers and even some old ones return such as the Brotherhood Of Steeal or The Enclave, Remnents to be clear.

Some of you may ask is this any better than Fallout 3, and my answer is HELL YES! There are many new and better features in New Vegas than in Fallout 3, such as the reputation system or the iron sight feature which wasnt in Fallout 3, and many more, also you can chose who to side with at the end of the game, there is alot of choices that will appear in your ending, even the small bits will affect your ending,

There is also many amazing and fun quests that it would be hard to do them all in a single play through. The DLC adds many more hours of fun although it is quite varied in flavour and in value, but all of them are worth playing at least once.

But then there are also mods. Falllout New Vegas has over 15K mods now that is alot but the thing about it is it goes from Weapons to Armour to hell even a 8 hour long quest mod. You will spend hours upon hours modding your game with new armors, weapons and playing new quests.

If you want an amazing quest mod that will give you tons of giggles and laughs, then check out The Christmas Special Quest Mod.


Check out Gopher's New Vegas Mod Clinic if you want tutorials on how to install certain mods.

Is Fallout New Vegas worth buying? = Absolutely it is the best FPS & RPG shooter game to date. Oh and one more thing if you say that the game is not worth getting because the graphics suck then dont worry there are ENBs, retextures and a ton of new content which make your game look like it was made in 2015 have fun.