What is your favorite FNV DLC?

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Ive beaten FNV twice now and im finally going back and playing all the DLCs. Ive only played Honest Hearts and now going through Old World Blues. I still have to go through Dead Money, Lonesome Road, and the others. Even tho ive just started Old World Blues, it seems to be my favorite DLC so far.

Perverted Machines, Lobotomy, insane lobotomy patients, villianous voice on a megaspeaker... PROTON AXE. Whats not to enjoy in that? Plus there is alot of valuable loot and copious amounts of money to be made in the store.

Honest Hearts was pretty wicked too. Enjoying the new weapons and apparel recieved from the dlc.

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Old World Blues was probably the most entertaining dialog wise. But wasn't too exciting exploring. When you're exploring Old World Blues make sure you find the Hazmat suit. It's the same suit the Ghost People from dead money wear.

Personally Dead Money was my favorite. People either love it or hate it. Lots of good characters and unique looking location. I won't say anything else about it, let you discover for yourself.

Lonesome Rd was okay, but has the super cool Elite Riot Gear to be found in it.

Honest Hearts probably my least favorite. Beautiful setting but otherwise pretty dull.

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Just finished Old World Blues today, as you said exploring left much to be desired, but as far as dialogue goes, it was great. The main thing about Honest Hearts that I liked was the end-dlc gear and the fact that Joshua looked cool will the bandages and whatnot.

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Old world blues was by far the best I feel. This is just based on my own experience with it and reviews I've seen around, however, I havent played the others so Im sure there are others that people enjoy more thats just my 2 cents.

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Old World Blues. The rest were medicre or bad.

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Old world blues was fantastic but I heard Dead Money, storywise and atmospherewise, is actually the best one - contrary to the horrible reviews. But I also heard its tough, so level up before you play it..

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The Lonesome Road hands down, best setting, story and character (Ulysses). And the difficulty was challenging, was actually afraid whenever I spotted another Deathclaw.

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Lonesome road just seemed to be more personally involving for the courier. The location was intimidating and the enemies were a little bit more devious than vipers or fiends; utilizing a lot more of their equipment than standard enemies and packing custom ammo types (AP, Slugs etc.). It just seemed like only the most hardcore could survive such a hostile environment.

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For me it has to be Old World Blues. The characters are really funny and there is some cool gear that you can get.