thinking about playing fallout 3 after playing fallout!

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Well fallout new vegas is my absolute favorite ps3 game and now im thinking about playing fallout 3 but I heard that I probably wouldn't like f03 because its lackluster compared to new vegas and because it doesnt have all the added features that I like with fonv. Are the differences really that noticeable to where i wouldn't enjoy it?
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The only major gameplay changes are Hardcore mode and being able to aim down the sight. Apart from that the games are very similar. I prefer New Vegas as an RPG but FO 3 is still an amazing game, if you loved NV you will love FO3.

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What he said, hardcore mode and aiming down sights. There's a bit more armor types in NV and quite a bit more weapons in NV also. But the overall gameplay is basically the same. It is still quite a bit of fun and personally I liked the DC wastland setting better than NV.

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Fallout 3 is a great game, like the previous two posts there is only two differences pretty much due to the fact that both games run on the same game engine. Also Instead of being placed in the Wasteland around New Vegas its the Mojave Wasteland and the ruins of Washington D.C.
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As one other said, I prefer the setting of a DC wasteland over the New Vegas wasteland. The games are very similar and very enjoyable. Obviously since you've played FNV, you knkow that the replay value is outstanding. FO3 is no different, very high replay value and a very good buy, especially because its getting to be much older, the price is going down on the GOTY copy, and who dosent like saving money right?:D lol but seriously, it is a very good game and my suggestion is to get a GOTY edition so that you will have all the DLCs and enjoy the game to its max. Cheers!