Suppressor on an Anti-Material Rifle?

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On the Gun Runner Arsenals DLC, You can buy the suppressor for the Anti-Material rifle. I think the suppressor defeats the purpose of the rilfe. An .50 cal is suppose to be loud, And I think it just makes it dumb
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Well, it's a real item. Suppressors do exist for weapons that big, and larger. Now of course it wouldn't be actually silent, but hey it's a game. It's not dumb to have in F:NV.


In terms of game balance, at least the anti-material rifle's suppressor is balanced by its high cost. I don't have a problem with it, and frankly it can be really handy when you're attacking crowds of Deathclaws or whatever.

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It shouldn't be silent in the game either, it's a supressor not a silencer. There's a difference between the two.