so many bugs

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okay, so i play this for the xbox 360 and i have many concerns on it this was released a while ago and there are still so many bugs. for example; enemies sinking into the ground and you cant attack them and quests cant be completed correctly, or cant be completed at all. not to mention a whole load of other problems. i know its a big game but isn't there something that Bethesda or whoever it is that releases the updates, can do?
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Haven't had these problems, but game crashes way too many times!

like you said, I understand it is a big game with many details, but it gets frustrating. I have to save my game every 5 minutes or so.

I am not even half done with the game, but it has been crashing so many times lately that I am not sure I wanna keep playing.

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There have been patches released for the game but even those have glitches. I don't think they're going to be making any new updates since it's been 3 years since it came out and the last update came out in 2011. Sometimes there can be fixes for certain glitches, just look it up on the Fallout wiki and see if their suggestions in the bugs section of the page help. Like the poster above said, saving constantly is essential.