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#1 laghing_rabt
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I've had an accepted standing with the NCR. After finishing the quest, Still in the Dark, I traveled to Camp Forlorn Hope, and was attacked. I looked at my faction status, and the status for NCR, Legion, Powder Gangers and a few others were completely missing. I wasn't wearing faction armor, I never do. I reloaded the game wearing combat armor, thinking maybe the power armor, Although not specifically brotherhood, thought the game glitched, and treated the armor as faction armor anyway. I Still attacked. They all showed up as non-friendlies regardless of distance. I put on some NCR faction armor and they did attack, but my companions (rex and Veronica) both attacked them. I'm a 360 user BTW. I've played the game before, and they didn't turn on my after completing the Still in the Dark quest before. How do I fix this glitch, besides going to an earlier point in the game?