Recommendations for Gaming PC to play F:NV w/ plenty of mods

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  I've been considering switching from XBOX to gaming pcs. I'd like to get a gaming pc (either pre-fab or custom built) that would be able to run FNV w/ plenty of mods (PN, Freeside restored, AWOP, Western Skies, etc).  I don't want to spend more than $1,00 for everything.  What would you guys recommend that I get?  What do you guys play on?  



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Processor i5 3570k from microcenter $190 vid card either geforce gtx 570 or a radeon 7850 or better $250 ram 8 gigs $44 psu 650 watts(make sure it is a decent quality like antec or corsair) $80 mobo your welcome.
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I should add that you dont *need* 8 gigs of ram to play new vegas, remember the xbox 360 has half a gig of ram and it runs games well(it still had a good cpu and graphics card, pretty impressive what games look like on the ps3 and xbox.  but a gtx 570 may be overkill for a game like new vegas, but it will last you years, same for a i5 3570k processor