New player, Help with a sneaky sniper / unarmed build?

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I've been watching my boyfriend play New Vegas on the PS3 for months and I finally decided to download it on my laptop. I'm a Skyrim player so I have played a similar type game.... I'm interested in maybe making a sneaky sniper + unarmed build. (Sneak around and pick things off with a rifle, or if in close quarters sneak into a room and unarm attack everyone. Is this a possible build? Will it take up too many perks / points? I'd love some advice on a build for this. Thanks
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The points are yours to distribute. Since you want to stick to stealth and unarmed for this playthrough, go ahead and add points to those factors. There is no right and wrong. 

However, do be sure that you put some points into other important areas as well. The importance of each skill, of course, depends on your play style. Keep in mind that you will need certain skills to complete some quests. Personally, I find Speech, medicine, barter and repair pretty useful. 

If you want to be a good sniper you're going to have to add points into guns. 

There is a 30 level cap (50 with all the DLCs installed), and you get a perk every two levels, so choose them carefully. 

A character cannot be good at everything, so go forth and max out on what you want. You can always come back and play again to try different combinations. 

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I think that it is possible. The sneaky sniper part should be pretty easy as long as you raise your sneak and guns levels. The perk that you must get is the sniper perk which increases the chances of getting a headshot. You will also want stealth armor like Chinese Stealth armor or Stealth Armor MK 2. The Silent Running Perk would also help. For the unarmed part it can be more difficult. In addition to raise your unarmed level you would also need good unarmed weapons like the powerfist, zap glove, or saturnite powerfist. You would also need a strong armor, since you will be in close quarters combat. Also there are unarmed perks like paralyzing palm that you may want to get. There are also some unarmed moves that some NPCs can teach you like Ranger Andy, Veronica, and the Great Khans.