Improvements for fallout 4! [SPOILERS]

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Ok first off im going to ask if all post can please be kept on topic, and try not to argue there is no need this is a topic for people to say what They would like in the next installment and not for people to discriminate others views and tell them what they should think your opinion is your own, i have created this topic for you to be able to say what you personaly would like added to the next game, ok now that i have said my piece i will start with the things i would like added/improved in the next installment to this great franchise.

1. Create-A-Town: Now i know many people have sugested this to be implimented in the next game but this is my thought on how it could work, first off you would be given a marker to designate where you would like your town to start (whether it be next to a factions base or in the middle of the wastland) as this is the beginning of your town i think you should be given a small amount of items for example, a few walls, 2-3 houses and possibly a shop, now i think the town should expand on a population value so that the more people that live in your town the bigger area you can build on and the more buildings you can place i.e you would start with a set number of houses say 2 now when they are ocupied your town would "level up" and you would be able to build a few more and mabye a shop or 2, then when those houses are filled you gain more houses, the space at which you can build on expands and you are given more improvements i.e better walls/fortification and more stores etc. now as for how to get people to live in your houses, for those of you who remember in fallout 3 there was a side quest where you had to escort a group to the lincoln memorial, now this is how C-A-T would work rather than escort them to the memorial you would have the option of asking them whether they would rather live in your new town, so now the quest would be to escort them to your town. Now if you remeber in F:NV there was a women called cass (i believe) who was a caravan owner, now with C-A-T there would have been an option to ask her to set up a caravan bae of operations in your town and so on, so your town improves throught side quests if you can see what i meen.

2. Crafting/Weapon mods: First off i would like to say that i did like the crafting on Fallout 3 with the improvised weapons, my personal favorite was The railway rifle, so i was hoping mabye they could add more depth to the improvised weapons with some new guns i.e a makeshift pistol or smg, by adding in some additional misc. items they could open a whole new world of crafting and also it would be cool if there was crafted weapon mods i.e for a pistol you could either buy a silencer from a vendor or go to a workbench with a lead pipe and some scrap metal and make an improvised silencer, this would add a more survival of the fitest feel to the game and it would be more like a wasteland than a loot hunt, if you could make your wepons rather than finding the best weapons on dead raiders you would find other improvised weapons like bonesaw attached to tire irons or, i know this isnt very original but baseball bats with nails.

3. Weapons: Now i know this is a post apocalypse franchise but that doesnt meen there wouldn't be high end weapons like the M4/Scar-H/M9 Beretta/MP5/M40A1 etc lying around especialy in military bunkers(and on faction members like NCR) i meen does everyone have to have Dirty, rusty weapons because if i walked into an army bunker that had survived a nuke, i wouldnt whant to get inside and find out that i have just destroyed like 30 robots and 10 raiders for a crappy hunting rifle, now dont get me wrong im not asking for it to be like COD or other FPS's im just asking for more high end real life guns, and mabye what they could do is the longer you have the weapon the more it deteariates for example an AK just found in a locked bunker is going to be in better condition than one found on the body of a raider, however the more you use the bunker AK the more dirt its going to pick up, this could also allow you to have a weapon part system so that you could go back to a workbench and field strip your current weapon and replace components with those in better condition.

4. Apparel: Some nice new clothes would be nice, and mabye implement the deteariation system i previously stated where your clothes could get dirtier the longer your out in the wasteland, this could add in some cool effects like if you go swimming your clothes could be wet for a while or if you get shot at you could have bullet holes and even blood on your clothes.

5. Transport: im not going to go into this one too much but a motorbike wouldn't hurt

6. Dynamic Weather: A weather system would be cool, so in the winter it snows often and in the summer the climate is hotter than usual could be cool to fight in the snow and rain

7. Follower back story: like in NV where Boone tells you about his wife it would be nice to get to know your followers alot more, i meen after all they are following you into the depths of hell prity much, would it hurt to know about there life, yes this could also include romance options but thats not a major thing in my opinion.

8. More realistic scale location: The one thing i didn't like about F:NV was that it was suposed to have not been damaged too much from the war, so how come there where only like 3 casinos on the strip, last time i checked Las vegas had like 8 casinos on the strip itself and several off, we dont mind if you take an extra year or so but please make the next location atleast close to the real life scale this would also inforce the transportation idea.

9. More effect on the World: I like to see that my action have an impact on the game world, so how come most misions don't change anything for example if i save big town from the mutants why is there no more people there than when i first arived, and it would be cool to see the factions expand/colapse depending on who you side with.

And my final one for now.

10. Graphics: Please oh please update the graphics this time, we have the technology now just look at skyrim, we are hoping for big things this time so please dont disapoint by using the same engine as F:3 and F:NV.

Thank you for reading guys please feel fre to comment on my thoughts and apply your own if you so with just remeber be nice.

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some really good ideas, i like the create a town one, but I'm thinking it would be hard to incorporate that as well as numbers 8 and 9. I agree that they should upgrade the graphics. But one thing they should definetly do, (which I don't think we agree on) is more depth to companions and (for goodness sake) YES to romancable companions! I for one still wish I could get closer with Boone, he's such a well written character! But seriously, please make the companions romanceable in Fallout 4: San Fransisco. Just look at Mass Effect and how many people they have suckered in by giving your character a voice and relationships. I'm not so concerned about the voice, because that's not Bethesda, You can argue that romances aren't Bethesda either, but after Skyrim, that would be hard to believe. The option to get married in that, although being ridiculously simple, shows me that they want to expand their games increasingly realistc reality into character relationships. Bethesda, if you haven't thought about this, you should start too. It really would add a much deeper immersion to the game! And it's San fransisco! Love is apart of the theme!!! Also, I saw one of the teaser trailers and it starts to rain when it says 'fallout 4'.. I think you got your wish on number 6 OP.. Maybe not snow or such seasonal changes, but more diverse weather would be good. Radioactive Rain! O_O lol
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1) Sell the Fallout license to a company that won't release a buggy POS and then not patch it, 2 years and counting. 2) Burn down your own office.
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This might not catch on but, how about in hardcore mode--clothing has a set weight limit. IE, a vault jumpsuit can hold two pistols, an SMG and a rifle, while an NCR uniform can hold more ammo for a rifle.It'd be an interesting perk, and with a perk one can sew on extra ammo pouches, extra pockets. And make it where one can pick up a certain part of the armor---like boots or a backpack.

Second: have a motorcycle for transport, (Don't want to run a Marathon everytime I forget something at Point A)

Third: Make it where one can have more than one companion. (But make sure that none fight with each other.)

That's all I've got, for now


"What is difficult in training will be easy in a battle" A.V. Suvorov

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I think the motorcycle thing is dumb. It's a nuclear apocalypse, Like your really going to find a motorcycle when everything was flattened by nukes.
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I agree with Kenny on the motorcycle, but some sort of transportation system might be cool. Like riding Brahman or a carriage pulled by Brahman or something like the way we see caravans traveling in FNV. I love the create-a-town idea. Simply epic. Dynamic weather would be epic too (i like the idea of seasonal climate changes).
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1. The map to be even BIGGER than Skyrim :D 2. If you have a friend/friends playing the same game, you should be able to turn something on, on the Pipboy, like the radio and if you both have headsets you can talk to eachother whilst playing. I think that would be a lot of fun. :) 3. Better/Stronger bosses. I'm not sure if Ceaser was considered a boss or not, but man... A bullet from my fully modded hunting rifle destroyed him. I was actually pretty disappointed. You hear NPC's talking about Ceaser as if he's some big bad wolf when he's no stronger than a Brahmin.
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I think motorcycles would be great considering the fact that the nuclear holocaust was nearly 200 years ago in the current timeframe of the Fallout universe and both the Brotherhood and NCR have shown clear capablities in past games to manufacture various objects. Plus, if any vehicle would fit the Fallout style, it'd have to be a motorcycle.

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Not too crazy on the create a town idea myself. Not a horrible idea either. I think you'd have to have a certain amount of followers with you before hand to create a community whose willing to help build. Even a small two or three shack like structures would be difficult and unlikely to be done by one common wastelander. And he'd need help gathering all the tools and materials to build any type of structure. And if this place is a previously unsettled location. It's probably going to look something similar to a very small version of Megaton. A few rusty dented sheet metal shacks. And if your settlement is going to have a shop of some kind, that probably won't be one a come and go follower. I'd more likely be a traveling merchant you'd have to hire. Or maybe somewhere in the wasteland there'd be a traveling merchant who got attacked by raiders and lost everything and doesn't know what to do so you offer him a job, lol.

The transportation idea is good and suprised they haven't done it yet. Seeing how Morrowind had the transports from certain town to town locations, Oblivion and Skyrim both had horses.

At first it made since that there wouldn't transportation, you'd see all the broken, rusted down, and/or destroyed vehicles around. It made since to me cause I thought 2077 and all the war, we ran out of resources to fuel them. But in both fallout3 and NV both of those had Vertibirds in them and NV even had a Bomber that managed to fly over you during the final battle. How did they get fueled? There's also mobile robots that are throughout the wasteland. What keeps them powered up? It seems like maybe there should be a way to have some sort of vehicle that runs off of whatever manages to power the robots.

Something I personally would really love to see is SPRINTING!!!! Elderscrolls 3 and 4 had speed attributes that could be increased to make you move faster, and skyrim had a sprint button. I know SPECIAL is a common fallout thing, I always wished they added an S at the end of it, to add a speed attribute. Or have the agility affect speed aswell. But, no...when taking fire from multiple enemies or being attacked by the incredibly deadly and incredibly fast Deathclaws, there is no running for slowly walk hoping to make it there alive while jabbing stimpak after stimpak into yourself.

Elderscrolls: Primarily close range melee combat-very important to dodge and move out of the way quickly.

Fallout: Close to Long range combat typically with very fast projectile weapons-running and taking cover, not necessary

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I don't really like the idea of town creation, that makes it seem more like a sim game in my opinion. I say if it aint broke don't fix it. If it has a good story with interesting characters, I'm good. I thought NV was an excellent game on PC, and an okay game on consoles. Bethesda needs to take their time on the next game, remove as many bugs as possible, and don't release another broken game that NV was when it was first released. I've been a console gamer up untill about a month ago, and was stuck with game breaking bugs for months untill I got the PC version. Console gamers don't have the luxury of downloading or creating mods that fix some of the bugs that occurred in NV. So Bethesda, please don't release another broken game.

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I like the idea of vehicles, it would be cool to see the landscape a little quicker, ya know something between the slow running and fast travel, also how about a use for all those damn clipboards! and.....uh.....time travel, flashbacks, is that crazy? it was kind of interesting in Uncharted 3, IDK might be cool.
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OK, how about a mountain bike, you could upgrade it, like start out single speed, get gears, carbon fiber stuff, MOUNT GUNS ON IT!
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OK, how about a mountain bike, you could upgrade it, like start out single speed, get gears, carbon fiber stuff, MOUNT GUNS ON IT!decline67
That'd be great. You're guy decked out in Full Power armor riding on a mountain bike.....with bell...ching ching.
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I'd very much like it if you guys were joking about the location for this game being in San Francisco. That city has too many grating associations for me to me to be excited about that location. I'd much prefer New Orleans. That town has the kind of personality that would fit really well. The Big Easy has been through all sorts of hell since Katrina, but the denizens have fought to hold on to their home with a passion, and I think that'd work really well with the over all spirit of survival that the Fallout series is known for.
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UPDATE GRAPHICS! i was sooo disappointed with NV not having updated graphics. i am not sure about in depth weather. i think a nuclear apocalypse would destroy the effects of weather. but it could make it more severe so it wouldn't be to bad of an idea. I hate one thing that most RPG's have, after you beat the game the main characters are basically empty shells walking around saying hello... Characters should be alot more in depth! Especially followers! before and after you beat the game! Oh and you should be able to play after you beat the game... transportation would be cool but you should have to build an improvised motorbike and over time you can pimp it out. all the other ideas seem cool too. Cannot wait for FALLOUT 4!
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Should make it more gritty , when you shoot a guy in the leg he falls to floor or they should have some kind of bleed out system for hardcore mode. You get shot in leg and then you start limping whilst bleeding out and if you dont find something to stop the bleeding then you die , it would make the medical and survival skills more usefull because there would be more empthasis on crafting bandages and other healing items.

more quest options for example , if you are a doctor then you should get an option to poison someone , if you have high repair then you should be able to rig weapons to miss fire to make it easyer to kill enemies.

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there is a transportation system, its called fast travel. dont need a **** motorcycle

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here's what improvements in the next fallout i would make in fallout enemies not be in the exact same place every time they need to fix that is very repetitive . fallout 3 was a lot better in many ways but it lacked iron sights and the ability to make your own ammo and modify your weapons and please not have one group control most of the map and add more places to explore like skyrim and make as big as skyrim and have more bounty missions please. In fallout NV it was dumb not to be able to kill other people for bounty mission so you can get some caps. i want to add a scooter or something to make travel faster or make the character faster because i notice he is a lot faster in fallout 3 then fallout NV. also let us be able to adjust the 3rd person view like in fallout 3 because NV sucked with the third person view.
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I agree with most of your ideas, some sort of transportation rather than walking/teleporting would be cool. I mean you see Vertibirds and the like by the big factions being used, I highly doubt that someone decided to make those but orgot about faster on ground travel, and since this like every other Fallout is more than likely will be abit further in the future I don't see it as being implausible.

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1. movement like max payne. I say character animations are the number one thing to fix, no more stiff wooden movement and ridiculous running. Make it so the characters move fluidly and can take cover.

2.companion command system like in Mass Effect where a simple button press tells them where to go

3. Better item system where things are more like they would be in real life instead of breaking nearly immediately. Have a scavenge and repair option so you could be sitting at a campfire at night and you can see your character cleaning his weapons, stitching up his clothes, padding his armor and doing overall equipment maintenance. Make it so you can skip but a complete equipment overhaul is needed.

4. Less boring ineriors, the previous fallout games had quest interiors that were the same thing for the most part. Office equipment, drawers and papers = boring, try changing it up more.

5. destructibility, you need to take out a building filled with bandits? Fill the basement with c4 and watch it come tumbling down. A rocket to the side of a building opens it up for companions to shoot everything inside

6. Mutant mounts (horses and what not)

7. Permanent residences with a workshop and equipment maintenance/improvement companions

8. System where player actions result in factions trying to kill the player so that a solution is required such as hiding in the player base with companions, getting surgery/new identification, diplomatic means (certain faction really likes cigarettes so you give them a truckload of cigarettes to make them not mad at you), contract a hit on said faction with another faction.

9. Vehicles, just because there was a nuclear fallout does not mean there can't be vehicles. There are flying robots (proof of mechanical ability post fallout) and nuclear weapons (proof of fuel source). There should be flying vehicles (the enclave has the vertibird anyway), not including vehicles is silly.