GRA weapons glitch

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(i know these boards are probably dead, makes me miss them being full of life) but, whenever I use paciencia, Bozar, or Medicine Stick, sometimes the bullets don't make contact with the enemy even if the tip of the sight was on the torso. I experimented with it using a pack of raiders and saving/reloading and I was right. Even at about 30 yards away with the sights right on the torso, the bullet would glitch and not make contact and thus do no damage. Even occasionally in VATS with 95% (no, the bullet didn't hit anything in between me and the enemy). Anyone else experience this?


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Yeah this board is pretty dead. Go to the Gamefaqs board still very active

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Your login and password are the same as your gamespot ones, so you don't need to start a new account

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I haven't had this problem but I don't/haven't used either of those weapons.

What I have noticed though, is that the 12.7 SMG with the laser sights is broken. The laser never activates unless you put the weapon away, then the laser won't turn off.