Good Classes?

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I want to play fallout new vegas again, but I feel like I have done all of the kinds of play styles, I have already been unarmed, melee, sniper, and pistol, and i don't want to be a energy weapons guy, any suggestions?
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Well, ummm... what other options could you possible have? You've listed almost all the weapon types that exist. I mean, I guess you could go medium range, like use just the "assault rifle"-type weapons and not sniper rifles, but that would seem kind of weird. Your only other option is to use large two-handed weapons like mini-guns or missile launchers. That's possible, but ammo would be a REAL problem for a while.

Give the energy weapon thing a try - it becomes VERY fun if you get the Meltdown perk (Level 16, Energy Weapons 90). Every single kill is basically a mini-plasma grenade. :-D

Or, try the hardcore mode. Even using the same weapons you're used to, hardcore mode would be a HUGE change in your play style. Could be very different and new for you.

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Well since you've tried all combat types and don't want to do energy weps, it might be fun to try with a pacifist build. Make everything high but combat skills (maybe tag Speech, Lockpick and Science?). Try to beat the game completely avoiding all conflict!

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Playing in Hardcore mode in addition to playing as realistically as you possibly can is fun way to go.

My characters a shotgunner. His main weapon is his Hunting shotgun, and carries two side-arms as backups and a small melee weapon. 9mm and silenced 22 pistols and bowie knife(dlc) or combat knife(pre-dlc). I play on hardcore mode and try to play as realisticly as I can, limiting myself to carrying only what I'd likely be able to carry in real life. So one large weapon and three smaller, concealed weapons. If I do pick up another larger weapon off an enemy, like a sniper rifle, I use it and whatever ammo is left and once it's out I drop it.

Also, to change things up a bit for myself I lowered the difficulty from normal to very easy and don't use VATS whatsoever. It seemed a bit too difficult on normal when not using vats. Very easy might've sound too easy, but is still challenging at times. bullet damage taken is minimal at times specially from only 1 or 2 attackers, but I also consider it this way- I have better armor. Many human enemies' armor such as leather, raider or legion armor all have large, exposed and unpretected gaps in them. Realistically, gunfire striking any exposed areas would be very damaging. Deathclaws are still very deadly and attacking an enemy with Brotherhood power armor with common pre-war weapons does very little damage to them.

Long ranged shots while in sneak mode are done with true iron sights. If I'm walking the mojave wasteland, I'm not repeatingly pressing the vats button to spot distant enemies, that I don't actually see yet. If my perception detects an emeny on my compass and they're not moving around and I don't spot them, I remain clueless to their position.

It's a differently way of playing the game and I find it to be fun. When I level up and am picking perks I ignore all perks that involve using VATS.