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hey fellow Gamespotters, this is my first post so correct me if i do anything wrong here. Recently i've had the craving to play rpg's, like crazy! Is it worth buying Fallout: New Vegas? Or does it get boring fast? I was a big fan of Fallout 3 and Fallout 2.
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Well, i never got bored of it until i found all the locations and finished most of the sidequests. But yeah, if you enjoyed FO3 i would recommend buying it, and seen as you've already played FO3, you know that you can build your own character, (Good guy, badguy) Whatever you want to be. Also don't finish the last quest until you've finally done everything, because once you finish the game you can't go back unless you made a save file beforehand. Try getting the DLC's along with it too, i found Old World Blues quite amusing. Have fun, and good luck surviving in the Mojave Wasteland ;)