Bug in the mainquest, unable to end the game now :/

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[SUPER MILD SPOILERS] Hi, I have a problem with the mainquest. I desided to ally with Yes-Man and so I did all the Wild Card-quests. But after accepting the quest "Wild Card: You And What Army?" I couldn't rest anymore by pressing T or zoom out my character ingame. Additionally, after finishing the quest, I talked to Yes-Man again, and instead of giving me the next quest, which would be "Wild Card: Finishing Touches" He talks about how powerful the new Securitron-army is, there are no dialog options. Overall my bug seems to be really weird and I haven't read about anything similar in any forum. I would really appreciate some quick help since I really want to finish the game now. ;-) By the way, I finished every DLC before allying with Yes-Man. And before I did alot of stuff for the NCR, but I didn't completly allied with them. Thought this might help. :-P PS: Sorry for my bad English, I am from Germany. ;-) ~Viktron
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Alright, I solved the problem. :-) For those interested, I explained how I did it in this thread : http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Forum:Bug_with_mainquest,_please_help_:%29 /closed