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im trying to find the best s.p.e.c.i.a.l to start out with if im going to use alot of guns.....but i also want a high intelligence as well....what would be the best overall build to start out with tho....aiming for overall performance....
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Not sure on the perfect build for what you want, here are some pointers to start off with:

Strength - not vital if you're going to be using guns, the most important thing for you will be inventory size. A strength of 4 should be ok for using most guns and armours, you will have to be economic with your item weight though!

Perception - not too important, keep it at 5 maybe?

Endurance - determines your health etc. don't make it too low though as it also determines how many implants you can have, which are useful!

Charisma - I heard this is a pretty useless stat. Keep it at 4 at the most I'd say.

Intelligence - have it high if you want, a high Int is useful for skill points!

Agility - VITAL for small guns! A high agility gives you more AP for vats, and determines your starting small guns skill. I'd recommend taking this to 9, then boosting it to 10 with an implant.

Luck - quite useful for critical chances and gambling, maybe go for 6 or 7 if your other stats are low, then boost it with an implant or the intense training perk

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This really all depends on how you would like to play the game. If you would like to go through the game guns blazin' then you would probably want to put your Strength up around 8 so that you can hold all your guns and heavy armor, Endurance you will want fairly high because this would be important for this kind of charecter, Agility is good to have because it effects your guns skill and how many V.A.T.S points you will start out with. Perception you can put lower because this just helps you see enemies farther away and your not a sniper be quiet so that wouldnt matter, Luck doesnt hurt to have for this class either because luck improves your chances on scoring critical hits. Charisma doesnt matter much for this class so put that to around 1 if you want. To have your intelligence high is completely up to you, i like to have it as high as possible because the higher your intelligence the more ecpeience points you recieve when you level up. But if you were looking to make a Silver-tongued Sniper maybe, you would want to put Charisma up to around 8, Perception up too, Strength doesnt need to be that high, again Intelligence is up to you, Agility and Luck should also be up sort of high because these will both help you out a lot when sniping, Luck especially because of the fact that if its high enough you will get Critical Hits every time and if you have the Anti-Material Rifle with all Three upgrades, and every ammo including Explosive ammo you are UNSTOPABLE (Exactly like mine :D)
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You have to consider the perks you're planning on picking aswell. ce

When I start off, Its something like

strength-6 or 7 (If the gun/weapon you plan on using the most has a requisite that your strength needs to be at, put it at that.

perception-3 (it's nice, but super important)

endurance-9 (important, for higher hit points)

charisma-1 (completely useless, unless you absolutely NEED the animal friend perk. If you want more speech options and better bartering, just add points to those skills, adding points to this is pointless)

intellegence-10 (max it at the start, to get the most skill points, then at level 4 pick the educated perk)

agility-6 or 7 (6 or 7 is about right for this specially for characters that use guns and sneak skills. Also some good perks need a higher agility)

luck-4 or 5

Something along those lines. then whenever you get enough money, go to the northeast medical clinic and get all the implants to increase a point for each special. Each one I think is $4,000 each.

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I usually pump luck and intel pretty high. The rest veries for me.