Beating the Game: What do you aim for?

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#1 adam_weiler86
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This game is just plain massive, and I'm trying to figure out what goals I need to complete in order to say I "beat" this game. I also installed the NVEC which added a slew of new Weapons, Armour, and Locations (to my chagrin). I've been playing for at least 150 hours so it seems like I should wrap things up.

Sofar I'm thinking I need to:
-Beat all the Main Quests and Side Quests (see paragraph down below).
-Beat all the DLCs.
-Collect all the Unique Weapons, Armour, Snowglobes, Companions, & 50 Sunset Sasparilla caps.
-See all the Wild Wasteland experiences.

I don't think I'm going to bother with:
-Beating all the Challenges, because I don't really care if they're done (ie: Nuking Cows, Crippling Heads with Unarmed Melee, etc, etc).
-Getting all the Implants, because my Endurance is only 5.
-Getting banned from all the Casinos, because my Luck skill is only 4.
-Buying all the GRA weapons & mods, because it will take a really long time to save up enough coin.

Paragraph down below: I've done 117/191 quests (give or take) without annoying any of the major factions. I'm thinking in order to play all the quests I will save at some point soon and reload 4x to see all the endings. I also got right to the end of Lonesome Road so I have my choice of who to Nuke. But before that point, I need to get as much done so I won't be retracing the same steps.