Loved the building aspect

User Rating: 9 | Fallout 4 PS4

Fallout 4 switched things up a lot. They added settlements. And the ability to build your own settlements. Which I saw a lot of people disliked, oddly. I found it the best addition to the game they could have done! I spent more time with the settlements than anything else in the game. (and I spent around 100 hours on quests and exploration alone!) I really enjoyed building the settlements, the only thing I wish was it had bigger areas to build. After building a large town, my place cap was maxed, and I couldn't build anymore. After hours of building up one settlement, I'd need to spend hours savaging to restock my supply. And then it was off to the next settlement. However, I do wish they got attacked more often to test my defenses more. Outside of settlements there was the quest lines. The main quest was interesting. And as always, I enjoy the multiple different endings to the game. And much like all the other games, the vast world to explore and loot keeps you playing for hours. This is a great game and a great addition to the series.