Boring, Bugging, and complete Bullshit

User Rating: 1 | Fallout 4 PS4

This is by far one of the worst games I've played in quite some time in every imaginable way. The graphics are horrible and bland. The map is huge but with nothing exciting to see or do. The quests are repetitive to say the VERY least... And omg, the bugs. Sooooooo many. Especially with how many times the game freezes and crashes. I have yet to play for any fair length of time without the game crashing, which causes me to save consistently to avoid losing huge amounts of progress.

The conversations are simply retarded. The player is prompted to select between 4 options when speaking to AIs but it doesn't really matter what you pick. Not only are your choices irrelevant, but the AIs responses oftentimes don't even align with what choice you select, making for very awkward and confusing conversations. For example, found some kid ghoul named Billy stuck in a fridge. Offered to help him get home and his response was, "thanks for nothing lady. At least I got out that fridge".And speaking of the AIs, your companion is not only worthless, but frustratingly dumb.

They will consistently block your path when going to through doorways, they use grenades and launchers to kill the player rather than the enemies, they use the items you ask them to hold, they constantly walk off when you actually want to utilize them, they are nearly or entirely impossible to find, even when going to literally every settlement and using a bell to call all the settlers together, they constantly run into battle, making sneaking around impossible and reviving them is senseless, they are ignorant beyond belief when providing them simple instructions such as picking up an item, will keep trying to use a workbench/station/terminal/chair/couch if nearby regardless if you instruct them to do otherwise, keep switching to crap guns despite manually equipping them with a more efficient weapon, they will randomly start attacking the player when doing mundane activities such as Macready attacking me while planting mutfruit at a settlement, and sooooooooooooo much more. They are literally only good as pack-mules and suck ass at doing that.

Next, the quests will randomly tell you that you failed because you ran out of time but will never be told if there is even a timer associated with a given quest. Fast travelling is not at all fast; will change take forever to load, alter your time of day, and will randomly put you in font of enemies; and speaking of, enemies with rocket launchers and mini nukes will spawn indoors, in corridors, and shoot point blank. Additionally, grenades thrown are always perfectly accurate and sometimes done when the enemy is so far away that you need a sniper to hit them accurately, yet the enemies can somehow throw the grenades that same distance.

Overall, the game is too slow paced, especially when considering the time to collect items for crafting & building, using V.A.T.S. in shootouts and the boring concept behind how the terminals and lock-picking work. In regards to even more bugs, the player constantly freezes when trying to use V.A.T.S. while the enemy continues to deal damage. Two settlements will get attacked simultaneously, forcing you to pick and choose, and ultimately, unavoidably failing a quest. Even the perks have issues. For example, I had a perk under the luck category that randomly gives more xp. It makes this stupid and annoying noise but doesn't always give the extra xp. Another example is the perk that prevents you from getting addicted to alcohol but a couple beers after getting the perk, I got addicted to alcohol.

This game does not work and shouldn't have been released in an obviously unfinished state. Waste of money. Waste of time.