Fallout 4 is a truly brilliant game filled with details and exploration

User Rating: 10 | Fallout 4 PS4

I'm a huge Fallout fan. I obtained every trophy in Fallout 3 and I'm currently en-route to do the same with Fallout 4. Fallout 4 is one step above Fallout 3 and two steps above NEW VEGAS. Now with factions you have the ability to join more then one at once which makes life so much easier when you're trying to do every mission. Power armor is available at the beginning of the game and requires FUSE batteries to keep them going. I'm still getting used to this whole concept because I'm the type of player who explores everything... and if your power armor dies out you have to leave it where it is until you collect another FUSE battery... so it kind of made me feel like I had to rush certain areas and it took a little away from my exploration. The good news is you don't NEED the power armor for every mission. You can upgrade you're regular armor so you'll be find during missions. For those of you who never played a FALLOUT game then you should know.. this is a massive open world RPG where you collect a ton of lute, guns, weapons, armor along with a sh*t load of other misc. items. It's so much fun to explore the post-apocalyptic BOSTON terrain. My 'home' is located right at Fenway Park. There, I can barter with a numerous amounts of stores, repair my power armor, and craft and upgrade weapons and armor. Even though Fallout 4 is a SINGLE PLAYER game you never feel alone in this world. There are tons of NPC's to talk to and a bunch of companions you can take on the road with you to help you with your missions. There is a ton of dialogue through out the game and different story branching events. The graphics look a little better then the PS3 FALLOUT 3 which is okay but the that part doesn't really matter when you see how much minor detail is infused in every corner of every area in which you can explore.. tools, books, couches, bobble heads, magazines and whatever else is laying around every corner to be collected for lute, trading or to upgrade your stats. Another plus is that there is no level cap in FALLOUT 4 which means you can keep upgrading your perk tree which is very useful. You need PERKS in FALLOUT 4 it doesn't just help you out in the game but it enables certain things to happen. Like I would of never been able to swim with infinite breath under water without the perk to do so.. and that means I would be missing the exploration of items that could be hidden at the lakes floor!!! The story keeps you interested by being more personable then any Fallout before it... Looking for your long lost son and not knowing exactly what happened is the beginning part of the story. As a Vault 111 dweller you must join factions, complete side quest, main quests and level up to be able to conquer everything this game has to offer.. With over a 100+ locations to explore you can easily play this game for hundreds of hours. There is a ton of content in FALLOUT 4 and I loved exploring everything this game had to offer. I would recommend this one to just about anyone. Fallout 4 is a MUST PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!