What you want featues in fallout 5?

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Fallout 5 could be the best game if they simple enhancements and a renewed setting is made to the Fallout 4 version. Personally I'd really like better a companion system. The companions have been a huge part of Fallout for me but they've always been problematic in many ways.

I think it'd be great to have much more tactical control of their combat and general behavior. The other Big thing on my wishlist for a future Fallout game would a different setting. How about playing from the opposite side of the Great War.

A huge graphics overhaul is needed in the next version of the Fallout. It should be noted that the same kind of graphics are found in Fallout 4 as there were in Fallout 3. And Fallout 3 has been designed way back in 2008.

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@sam6636: I want more role playing depth and skill checks.

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Every Fallout Lover has their own created wishlists those they want in Fallout 5. Here is my wishlists for Fallout 5:

1. Building up your faction or a house would be a nice option. This would provide additional area of work and a totally new way of playing a Fallout.

2. An upgraded laser rifle that gives more accurate performance which features an advanced AP than other guns.

3. The bringing back of Skills Systems and use of a customized voice for the characters would make the game sound more interesting..

4. An advanced AI that helps us to hunt out our enemies and defeat them with new thrilling tactics is a popular demand for the the 5th game of the Fallout. A good wishlist for Fallout 5 is also listed here http://fallout5news.com/

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I think i would want a way bigger variety of weapons and armor and enemies and mabye a bigger map would be cool or be able to go into more houses and it would be cool if what you said actually mattered like in fallout 3 and maybe a more customable dialogue but to a certain extent of coarse lol and i agree with what you guys said too haha. And melee weapons were like more realistic like sword would actually slice people in half like diagonally and and a bigger custom for melee and blunt weapons actually could knock an opponent out lol