Fallout 4 Mod Support: Messed Up Perk Chart

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So I downloaded a few mods recently, none of which I thought had anything to do with the perk chart. Sure, I installed DEF_UI and Tasty Map 4K but those only adjust the in-game menu organization system and map. In addition to these, I installed a few mods and finally F4SE to boot. I was very excited to play and after a couple of hours I decided to use some of my perk points. Opened up my pipboy, saw everything looking clean and functional, then I pressed T and saw the perk chart. It was like a mini nuke had been detonated and the institute started throwing around synths There were white, generic copied pip boys in some place, some had been moved around out of place, others had multiple copies of the same perk, some were flipped, some spaces were completely empty, and some of them had different ranks of different perks on different pip boy icons (like the third rank of toughness was on the VATS bus icon, like wtf). Finally, all the icons on the bottom row looked correct, but when hovering my mouse over them they all said strength training. I could not use these to put points in strength and I found many other icons had strength training on them. So I uninstalled any mod that had anything to do the pipboy to no avail. Also installed a few more of the new mods, to no avail. Searched around on the forums for a few hours till I became flustered and decided to make a post here. I'll include screenshots of my load order and mod list, any ideas to help would be great, I really wouldn't want to have to uninstall my mods one by one till this is fixed. Maybe someone else has been having the same problem?

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Im on xbox one and yes im havibg the same problem so how do we fix it