One of the best video games I have ever played!

User Rating: 10 | Fallout 3 PC
The game starts off nice and simple just as your character is a baby and you customize him through childhood. Something that no other game does and the voice acting was good to boot (Liam Neeson as your father I never would have guessed). The fighting is pretty good the system they use is like Oblivion then again it is Bethesda. The map is pretty large, and the download content extends the game even farther then the minimum days long gameplay that is already put into the game. Throughout the game, the story drags you in until the very last second until you must choose your ending. Sadly at the end of the final mission up until the broken steel DLC the game would end forever but that was changed and so was the max level of 20 to 30. This game also took advantage of the gaming community and allowed for a game editing pack, of course it was called the G.E.C.K, which was a very good use of game items to real life things. After all that waiting playing the 1st and 2nd fallout, the third one struck hard and it conquered. One of the best games I personally have ever played and the extra content keeps me from uninstalling the game from my computer.