User Rating: 8.5 | Fallout 3: Point Lookout PS3
ok this was one of the first expansion packs i got for fo3 i read about it in "playstation magazine" and i was impressed nothing seemed wrong with it i loved the idea..then 3 months later i downloaded it and here's what i think..oh and im gonna include some tips to help you on this expansion if you decide to download it..


#1 huuggee {huge} area!

#2 really you can call this expansion a sandbox.

#3 new creatures!! XD

#4 the swamplurk is creepy and non serious lookin!

#5 the swampy enviorment is really creepy and wonderful!

#6 tons to do including searching for a rare yao guai.(no story)

#7 cheap price (i can't remember the exact price i think $15.00?)

#8 the double barrel shotgun and lever action rifle are a great addition to the weapon roster.

#9 really creepy feeling your gonna be on your feet at all times.

#10 no deathclaws :D


#1 the area is so big and sometimes you can get lost even if you get lost.

#2 the game may pause occasionly (see tips)

#3 the swampfolk are tough.(see tips at bottom of page for well tips)

#4 no deathclaw! and repetive creatures.(the swamplurk are just mirelurk painted green and molerats and bloatflys show up,)

#5 the lar and dbs are only available in the swamp.


ok so compared to the other expansion packs this is probley the best but it does have some flaws but anyone who wants a good fo3 expansion pack needs to try this i doubt you will be dissapointed oh and you're gonna be coming back to the swamp for more (this is my 9th time).

TIPS AND TRICKS! (because your gonna need them trust me.) XD

#1 ok first of all bring a lot of weapons and make sure your above level 16 because i was level 14 and i got killed at least 30 times.

#2 try and complete the main quest first and it's follow ups. (the local flavor) unless you want to pay for tickets which are pretty expensive. (ot doesn't take long)

#3 if you have the ghoul mask take it if not try and get it (ten penny tower quest) because the place is crawling with ghouls.

#4 don't stray to far most opponents operate in packs of 4.

#5 when confronted by swamplurks or any other lurk jump on top of a rock they can't climb or jump.