My Review On Fallout 3.

User Rating: 9 | Fallout 3 PC
Fallout 3 is a really Amazing game! It looks very realistic and has a very realistic feel to it that works seamlessly throughout its environment. So it is 100% Interactive. It has very nice art-work also and really stirs up the imagination. I think it has a bit more of that dark and textured look to it over its previous versions as well..which gives it that nice survival "Must Liberate the Planet" kind of feeling..which is exactly what he is supposed to be doing. With a nice little story attached to it also which was really good if you ask me. Although I felt that the main story quest was really short it only takes you to about 6 or 7 different locations in total on the overall map which I feel was the games only the map consists of around 200+ different locations in all. Although the load of locations is a very good thing. More exploring to do. And exploring is lots of well as using out of this worlds weaponry also. Which is even more fun if you ask me. But yes..everything about the game is very superb I feel other than the short-lived story on the main quest of the game. Just felt there could have been a lot more added to it seeing as it was the main part of the game. Could have journeyed long and far and made the ending much more worth the effort of dying to live and liberate the world for like a real USA American soldier in a T-51b Armor Suit. ;] Still though..really super great game..cuz adventuring and blowing things up is tons of fun. Great work and huge upgrade from its previous versions thanks to Bethesda. =] It makes me wonder if there will be newer games from Bethesda with even longer main stories to come. If so they should be well worth the wait in my opinion. Longer is better. =]