Best Armour on the game no DLC?

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urmmm do Mr Crowlers quest by killing all the people but keep the keys you need good speach and ask them all about Fort Cnstantine and then youll end up geting a map marker and go there go to the litlle house (YOU NEED ALL THE KEYS) you will find at one point a boddy named tara and shes in front of a door and you get the key from her body and then you go in that room and you will use the terminall to unlock the sheild no need for good science skill and it is about 50 dr for armour 10 dr on helmet and its got a green camo on it and it is Brootherhood T51-B armour.
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Brootherhood T51-B armourlobaboba
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Reilly's Combat Armor, altho i also like the Prototype Medical Armor in Old Olney. High armor stat, early warning, and Med-X dispenser. IT TALKS for cryin out loud!

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Brotherhood T51-B Power Armor
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Brotherhood T51-B Power Armor [3]

Although it's quite time-consuming to get.