Perfect minus a few issues.

User Rating: 9.5 | Fallout 2 PC
(Since this game is like the original fallout but expanded I'm just gonna do an overview of what was new for me.)
This game is awesome, a true rpg where you actually roleplay.
What do I mean by that? Well, let's see...

I played this game two times, the first time i made an unarmed badass who blew up people by punching them in the face.
And i solved most of my problems by doing that, driving my teammates into certain deaths in suicide fights, and having a neutral karma due to my way of solving things.

The second time, I wanted to challenge the game, see if it could be completed with a chick without any strength in combat.
Then i realized how truly amazing this game is, solving my problems through the wasteland by speech skills, stealth and even fu*king my way out of some problems.
My higher charisma and my tendency of avoid combat also allowed me to get a huge party with me, ending up being five well equipped guys.

So it's really awesome that the game really let's you make any character you want and complete the journey this way, some characters may be harder to play than others but there's always a way, and that's brilliant.
This game is total freedom, and if you like free roaming games you'll love this, but i also came across a few issues that troubled my journey.

At one point i killed all the main leaders of san francisco, I sided the religious fanatics, then felt betrayed by them and killed them, so i couldn't get to the final part of the game, i had to edit my savefile to do it, which felt bad.

Also, the game is very cryptic at some points.
You may say is more hardcore and badass this way, but when they tell you to blow up a reactor and you see a room full of machines with no clue or indication, you're forced to do trial and error with dynamite till you blow up the right thing, which is lame.

Those are the only reasons this game does not get a 10 from my perspective, but other than that, this game is a very important stepping stone in the videogame world , that should set an example for every developer out there.