While it is difficult to discern as to which amongst the original and the sequel is the finer game, the fact remains tha

User Rating: 9.5 | Fallout 2 PC
There are few words that can truly describe fallout 2' greatness. While it is difficult to discern as to which amongst the original and the sequel is the finer game, the fact remains that both are indeed peerless when it comes to offering the definitive role playing experience and if you consider yourself to be a connoisseur of the genre then you must play both. Nay, not even Baldur's Gate while being an outstanding game in its own right can surpass it.

While the original had a tighter setting, the sequel improved upon its game mechanics vastly making for a far more engaging role playing experience. Fallout is unique as a rpg for it breaks away from the trite dnd tolkienesque elves and dwarves fantasy setting; instead it is placed in dystopian, post apocalyptic wasteland where survival becomes paramount, sanctimonious virtues be damned. Some might find this game chock full of pop culture references and sexual innuendoes which is ostensibly an integral part of the harsh reality of an unforgiving wasteland. Being the chosen one your decisions and moral choices is deeply tied to the fate of the characters interact and shall poignantly affect the outcome of the game.

Care must be taken to choose every attribute in fallout for it shall distinctly affect how you play the game (Having the most innovative dialogue systems after torment you cannot afford to ignore intelligence eg: playing a stupid character would greatly affect your dialogue choices and access to quests)

I reckon that no other rpg would give you an opportunity to
1) Pimp your spouse
2) Sell your comrades/spouse into slavery or give 'em a radical makeover if they annoy the heack outta you by transferring their brains into a robot body.
3) Become a porn star, prizefighter, made man etc etc
4) Enroll ghouls, deathclaws, and mutants in your party
5) Gratuitous violence where you can shoot someone's eyes, unmentionables, cripple your opponent while making them beg for mercy.
6) Your comrades aren't mere pushovers; friendly fire will not be tolerated by some.
7)Encounter exploding cattle

Also ghouls are people in this game so you better treat them with the respect they deserve.
(Tip: The latest version of the restoration project mod (killap) improves the game by adding more locations that were originally intended by the designer and fixing various bugs. I strongly recommend that you download this mod)