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User Rating: 3 | Fallen Earth: Welcome to the Apocalypse PC
Played all the way to endgame, by that I mean Uninstalling.

Mechanics appear of heady immersion but let me lay it out easy. Base stats are all that matter, the only others are precision (increase critical chance) and power (slight damage increase) skills. As example at level fifteen one may have two pistols, one is at skill level to equip at six the other at forty-two. Both have exactly the same item level and damage, putting points into pistol skill only allows for the use but does not increase damage, only precision and power will do that. I was using the six pistol to take down level twenties, only had six points in pistols skill. Endlessly in chat people where buying higher skill to equip weapons and getting no effect increase from the old weapon.

Simple hint if your taking high damage just dump points in Dexterity. The effect from armor is there but the skill appears , just a number to equip an item not a rate of protection.

Abilities are sadly the same, the Dirty Tricks line is a prime example. Say a player focuses on a thief style character, no matter how many points you put into it never improves. No change in the cool down or damage, and you can come to really need the stun effect to separate the enemies, because you will be soloing most of the time. With fast re spawn your cool down will put you knee deep in back spawn just waiting to take down the next pair. The points you allocate only allow you to buy the next level of the same thing you have. So what if next level does four points damage over time than two the stuff your fighting has more points equals same effect. Just a side note the effect has be altered on PvP so do not think of using it there.

The Community is a nightmare, a friend once told me 'now is the best time for music but you have to weed through the crap to find it'. The quieter base of the game will be extremely helpful with quests, but getting put back by fan-boys will be your daily bread. Just keep a tally sheet of all the times you 'will' be told to be quiet and play the game cause you are playing for free. With free to play older players do return, even they received the 'new' cruelty in help chat.

PvP, most people would walk through PvP zones just to harvest, hardly an active faction community.

There is no active community updating knowledge online. What you do find is merely the same information displayed in game, sometimes verbatim.

Bugs, oh very many bugs. Being killed through walls, buried quest update objects and random surprise re spawn after a killing. Last one is pretty bad low health then pop on top.

I have no idea what this company expects, pretty much low grade character growth, annoy people till they give you subscriptions and no real active player base. Then there are the bugs, big bugs.