Play to waste time before a funeral.

User Rating: 3 | Fallen Earth: Welcome to the Apocalypse PC
I guess you could say I just wanted to play something new.

Well very broken faction quest, Gms that would rather condemn you for not thinking of the developers children being fed than say fixing the game, in-game ability 'suck it up'.

After two weeks of play , faction quest, a central point of the game are broken, since most people you meet in game are free to play get used to a great deal of animosity towards you from the a good size group of long term 'pay' players, not majority but extremely vocal.

Players from past are a mixed bag people that are mad about the 'dumbing-down' really need to get over themselves. There are 'No' classes it is in you allocation of points , which is a game strength. Good game if the bugs did not creep in at every instance after level fourteen.

GMs appear to be in it for the insult value sad since most of the kinder older player base 'gets' it on the free to play. Its the first PvP game I felt I could give a try but the broken faction quest are a far cry from polished, as a real time example if it was shoes it would be dress numbers shredded to crocks, double the embarrassment. Lets see you develop a PvP game and the first thing you break is well the faction quests ,might well find a good grain of sandpaper and make sure you can not have children.

Its very sad to see 'good' go bad, not from dumbing down but an good luck finding help with quest because every website on the game has info that seems five years out of date. Least the could have done is hirer an intern to check a few more important quest against web see if they still work, score one player base.

Give it a week to kill but then book on elsewhere.

(If you can run Northward, why in the developer ignored getting people to the north bugs me , seems as if they have no confidence in their own game.)