Best post apocalyptic game out there ATM (Jan 2011)

User Rating: 10 | Fallen Earth: Welcome to the Apocalypse PC
Hail and well met!

This game blow me over the top right from the start.

It has many faults still its the best mmo i have ever played , and for me it gives total satisfaction coupled with total addiction.

I have started the trial ( you get 14 days free to try the game with some limitations) and right after three days i knew it was useless :I was addicted!

I have bought the game after only three days,i was never sucked so fast into an mmo immersion as i have with Fallen Earth(FE).

To explain this,i was getting sick of fantasy mmos, im more a scifi kind of guy,and the new Startrek was a total letdown,necron and others like SWG couldn't captivate me , and EVE online which is a true gem of its own is too PvP group oriented i have reached my limit with its possibility's.

As a fan of the Fallout games (1 and 2 ,the other i dont consider)this was like the total thing i was looking for.

I recommend this game with all my heart.
It has plenty of bugs and quarks but with what im getting in return its total worth it,and the only way ill probably leave this game will be in 2012 when fallout online will come out..

to explain why its so good except that finally i don`t have to watch a bunch of elves in tights ,its has a very nice story line,a great tutorial with vids and great voice acting, the game crafting mechanism is great, you can almost craft everything in the game. combat is fun and PVP is forgiving,you don`t feel like taking a hammer down on your PC when you die,so although im more of a PVM guy its the first game i actually also enjoyed PVP.
graphics are great, theres a great selection of GMs 24/7 and player volunteer involvement and you can always get help 24/7.

the client also don`t go down much,only for patches now and then, the world itself is pretty wide and offer many unique mobs, some which agro your vehicle, which you get right on the start, unlike many games out there.

In my eyes this is the BEST mmo out there at the moment.

Good job and we at the FE community are awaiting 5 new levels and a whole brand new sector to explore (at this point of time)