combat controls and controls in general are some of the wrong i've ever seen in a game. period.

User Rating: 2.5 | Fallen Earth: Welcome to the Apocalypse PC
both me and wife have years of mmo and pc gaming experience. even with hotkeying and using a g15 keyboard/nostromo controls in this game are so broken that both of us stopped playing in disgust after about 2 hours. just a mess. its too bad really, cause i for one was looking forward to this "fallout" like mmo. another thing that really peeved my wife was the fact that in order to play together after initial solo starter mission, we both had to pick same town, meaning she had to sacrifice getting support skills/books and go melee just like me. i cant speak for later in the game, and im not one to judge a game on the first hour or so, especailly an mmo but damn, if your controls are that broke it wouldnt matter if its the second coming of Shigeru Miyamoto. if ya cant play it, it doesnt matter