This is what a Fallout MMO would be like.

User Rating: 8 | Fallen Earth: Welcome to the Apocalypse PC
Let me start by saying i have only played the 10 day free trial, and i am only writing a review to get the word out on a game i think many will overlook.


- FPS combat, with guns and swords.
the combat is by no means excellent, but for me, compared to most MMOs it is a hundreds times more engaging and fun.

- Riding horses, bikes,quads, and cars!
i love games where you get to ride horses. an Fallen Earth has a realistic use of mounts that you have to feed, or refill with petrol, and they are only ever taken off the map if taken to a garage, or destroyed.

- VERY in depth, time consuming crafting system,
this really must be experienced to be believed. you can make hundreds, maybe thousands of different items if you have the recipes and resources. making a basic hand gun will take you a few hours of scrounging, and is very satisfying to finish.

- Scavenging for resources is fun!
i was reminded of Oblivion. the map is dotted with things to pick up, everything from plants to rubbish bags, which you can rifle through to find resources with which to craft. this really set the mood for me.

- Setting is almost exactly like Fallout.
now, this may sound like a point of contention, but i really think the post apocalyptic genre is at it's best when it builds on what has come before it. No one can say Fallout was particularly original, it was just making a believable post apocalyptic environment for a great game, and this is what FE does too.


- Poor graphics.
now, i have a low end computer, and this game ran fine which made me happy. however there are definitely some models and textures in the game that looked poorly done.

- Enemies AI was non existent.
enemies will stand around like idiots until you attack them. this is one element of bad MMO practice that FE has not improved, and it ruins a lot of the good work they have done on the combat system.

- A little help...?
although the game begins with a fun tutorial, there was very little explanation of the crafting system, how to get around, where to get quests, what to do next... etc. now for me this was good in some ways, as i hate games explaining away all the fun of discovering things. But on the other hand i might have gotten up to speed a lot quicker with more explanations of what everything does.


My overall impression of this game was one of being pleasant surprised... The FPS style combat actually works! I have been looking forever for an MMO that has guns and collision based damage rather than the standard randomly generated damage which so many game think is good enough. Unfortunately the game is in need of more development, but that is coming more and more with each update. If you like Oblivion or Fallout, give this a chance with the 10 day trial.