Fallen Earth has come a long wqay since release and the GS review doesnt really hold up that good anymore.

User Rating: 8 | Fallen Earth: Welcome to the Apocalypse PC
Since the realease of FE a ton of patching has been implemented, providing everything from general bugfixes to new content and even higher lvl cap (lvl 46).

The scenery looks generally good and the vast seamless world provides lots exploration oppertunities.

There are no chr classes in FE and that provides more freedom as u dont have to follow a pre chosen path with your chr.

Regarding the XP system its brilliant, for each lvl u go up u gain 20 ability points but they come as 2 pts at a time throughout each lvl, meaning u can improve your abilities regularly and not only when i gain a lvl.

That way u dont get the feeling after going up a lvl, that now itll take ofrever before "something happens" again.

When it comes to crafting, once again the system is brilliant, at first it might seem like a killer that crafting times are rather realistic, so itll take 60 secs to craft a single bandage, maybe 15 mins to cook a meal and so it goes up to some crafting books and items which takes up to 10 hrs to craft.

However once u start a craft it keeps going even if u log out, so soon enoght one learn to coordinate his crafts so the ones taking a long time to do or when u do large batches like when crafting ammo, u make it happen when u r either doing missions or arent even online.

U can lvl in any way u like, theres no need to actually get into a fight in order to lvl up, u can for instance lvl up by crafting only if thats what u wanna do and if u still wanna do missions, u just team up with fighters and u can complete a mission in which fighting is necessary.

Trading in FE is really easy, theres auctioneers in major towns where u can buy or sell items.

Every town has at least one mailbox that can be used to send items, cash or items using COD (cash on demand).

For storing your items you have a backpack with a fixed amount of slots and also a weightlimit according to your str skill.

If u have a mount like a horse or vehicle, that one will have storage slots as well so u can go out in the wilderness and mine copper or whatever and stash it in your mounts storage rather than going all the way back to town to put it in a "vault".

The vault system consists of three types of vaults, "sector vault", "barter vault" and "vip vault", and though the names may indicate otherwise, these three vaults is free to use for everyone regardless of faction, mainskill etc.

Diffrence is, that mainly all towns has a sector vault, some towns has barter and/or vip vaults.

Another aspect of MMO is the community it comes with and for FE the community is overall really mature and theres no "annoying" chrs chasing u around asking for free money or items.

Theres a good GM attention in game and u can just about always get hold of one if u need it.

That also means u hardly ever come by trolls in the different chns and the one is proper and clean.

Some time ago rumours said that GMs in FE were very trigger happy when it came to banning, but so far ive only heard of ppl getting banned where they really deserved it, all the GMs ive personally been in touch with in game were very helpful and patient.

All in all ill say FE has some drawbacks like all games do, but its upsides are really great and with major patches coming every 3-4 weeks we still see more content and less bugs and better gfx each time.