If halo had an mmo it would be like this, but this has a decent crafting system at least.

User Rating: 6 | Fallen Earth: Welcome to the Apocalypse PC
I guess if you like unrealistic shooters where you have to dump magazine after magazine into people you might like this, or if you like wands and spells you might like this also (which this game swore up and down it would not include) but overall, this is not a good fps or mmo.

I really tried to like this game and at first and for awhile i did, but when the initial exitment fades, so does the game very quickly.

A bunch of my rl buddies actually came together after years and years and tried to get into this one, but slowly we've been fading out and each leaves disgusted.

The theme is cool, and the crafting system is quite popular, but its wracked with bad design, the usual bugs, and they kinda lose vision the more you play the game.

Basically my problems with the game fall into two categories; advancement (leveling), and pvp. Leveling itself is super long and slow, this will take a very long time to accomplish and despite having an overwhelming amount of stuff to do in the beginning you will eventually hit dry spots and have to grind npc's for exp. The npcs are dumb as can be, and are not very intelligent, and what little ai is there always wants to hide behind walls or other objects that you in turn are not able to shoot through. They also like to desync, which results in them still dealing damage, but they are unable to recieve it which means run or you die (which is not fun at all, and hard to tell when this is the case).

Pvp is kind of funny to me because while balanced for early levels, quickly spin out of control with words like 'imba' if that means anything to you. Every encounter is going to require truck loads of ammunition and wand wielding spells and stuns because everyone can take massive amounts of damage and has wierd psychic abilities that arent very cool.

They keep rebalancing the abilities with an obvious lack of ideas on what to do, meaning everyones after fotm (flavor of the month character builds) but theres no respec'ing your character so you get screwed inevitably with the many changes always coming about.

There are cars and horses and bikes and all kinds of cool vehicles and alternative powerplants etc you can put in them, but all in all, the game just wasnt executed with any kind of foresight.

Graphics are not all that impressive either and the game does not support xfire'ing your video cards.