Fairy Tail would've been fun if they can allow more choices in this game.

User Rating: 6 | Fairy Tail NS

The good: the source material is done faithfully, the graphics and sound works well despite some frame rate issues.

The bad: the turn based fighting falls flat, the story is too simplistic, the sidequests is jarring and grinding, only Japanese voices and English text is underwhelming to western audiences, nothing for multiplayer.

It's been a long time but it's finally here. Fairy Tail ran for about nine years approximately. While I like being the characters of Natsu and Lucy and so forth, everything else would've worked differently if they chose like a Dynasty Warriors format or more like Sakura Wars recent formula where they're able to switch between text adventure and all out combat.

Let's start with the good stuff. All the characters and the music is done faithfully. Also the Japanese voices and English text might be on the mark, it's underwhelming because for us westerners, those who are new might easily get tired and just want to get straight into the fight. Even the sidequests is jarring and grinding due to roadblocks to break and the need to look at the guild jobs every time.

The stories prime focus is the Grand Magic Games. But they unfortunately have to cut corners and annoying fill-ins to make the adventure and turn based combat work. But that's the biggest problem lie. Think of battling with Fire Emblem like area square attacks. There's strategy and all but it drains away my enthusiasm because of it. Had they done like 3D combat like Dragonball Z, then my opinion world be different and would stay more close to the anime.

There's nothing wrong with the game honestly but given how popular the show is, how about making it multiplayer focus instead of a single player sleeping game? The production should focus on what people like about it, with English voice acting and focus more on fighting than RPG, then this franchise would work a lot better. Even the clothes on DLC, well works with girls but that's about it. Or how about a twist with Sakura Wars with Lucy hanging out with her friends in a similar fashion. Have fun if you're a die hard fan but don't expect this game to be fun and exciting just because of the choice the developers made.

Fire dragon goodbye!