Intriguing world, Interesting creatures and fun gameplay and dialog. The Legends of Avalon is a amazing sleeper title.

User Rating: 8.5 | Faery: Legends of Avalon PC
This is one of those sleeper games, you know....the ones that you that you hear very little about or anything at all and end up being fun and amazing. Fascinating story, weird atmosphere but I find it so intriguing. The only thing I wish was added into this was voice overs, at least some to eliminate some of the reading that is involved. There is quite a bit of fetching quest, but what makes it fun is the story and you can fly and meet interesting creatures throughout your quest. This is not linear at all, you can approach things how ever you like and or just stick to the main objective but then you will probably be a weaker character later on. The dialog is similar to Bioware games in that you have choices, and dialog options on how you want to approach either obtaining a item, avoiding a fight, or making friends instead of enemies.

I have just left Avalon into the I don't really know how far into the game I am...I doubt far at all...but I did spend lots of time on the Island of Avalon doing a lot of side quest. Some of those side quest will require you to leave in and out of those mirrors I assume while some can be done locally. What mainly draws me to this game is the atmosphere and interesting creatures along the way. I also like the way you can upgrade your Character with better wings or armor, magic etc..I think it is setup very nice. I am not a person who plays many games like this, the battles are like Final least the Finial Fantasy I played back on PS1...I think it was FF7. Turn based. Overall the game is very fun and I think the story is going together pretty well and there is plenty to do. Doesn't get really repetitive either, and I think that is because the game overall is just different and fun about doing your quest.
Like I said though, its setup similar to a Mass Effect dialog in your options. For the other companions that you will try and recruit, I don't think there is a way to level them up or can view them on your Inventory screen but I see no way in doing any upkeep on them. I would rate this game a easy 8.0. The game is great so far, its fun, and very interesting playing I have yet to get bored with it and I have spent around 4-5 hours on just the island doing stuff. Graphics are pretty looking as well. Gameplay is fun.

This game is underrated. I've been playing this most of my only day off this week. Its a addictive story, characters are also what makes this so interesting in the game. The worlds are fun and amazing. I have come across dialog errors but minor ones. Vocabulary in some of the dialogs I had to look up to see what it meant. This is not a negative though, as I enjoy learning new words and practice you using them anywhere.

I am just giving a extra reviewish of the game as I am still playing, I am not sure if I am in the last world or not. I don't know if there are more than 3 mirrors to go through. Nevertheless, there is quite a bit to do in each world. I am not rushing my way through, I am doing every single quest I can, however there are different routes to take on certain quest. Eg. Fight all the mermaids or hunt down some gifts to give them ; stuff like that. Plenty of upgrades for your Fairy. I have found out that there is no way to do upkeep on your companions, and you do get plenty of companions to choose from towards the middle of the game. You can rotate through them, and or sometimes you need certain ones to do certain quest. Eg, Bert is a bookworm, he will help you read books or translations etc. The companions kinda upgrade with you, the more they stick around you, they will come up with a option to select a new skill per say or there "major attack", I guess you would call it. Again, I don't play a lot of RPG games, but this one is stuck to me, I use to play alot of FF back in the PS1 days, which is why I love the turn based RPG's.

Be prepared to read alot of text. There is no voice in this game at all. Kinda would have liked to see at least your main characters have voice overs but o well. This is not a negative either. I really can't find anything wrong with this game, its enjoyable, and entertainment, appears to be somewhat short...but then again....depends on how much exploring you would like to do and quest fulfillment.

I am on my 10th hour and I just entered into the City of Mirages. Which I think is the last world, I don't know for sure because there are like 7-8 mirrors, but only 3 of those mirrors I could enter unless they haven't revealed themselves open yet, I don't know.

Well....back to playing a little bit more...I think it is worth it on PC. I don't know about xbox360 or PS3 version...I saw it received a 4.5 (poor). I know the PC is far better than that score. If your a die hard killer whatever RPG will never be satisfied, this is a game of pure enjoyment and just fun. A lot of creative worlds and story telling.

[update] Finished the game finally. I would say its around a 10 hour game including the side quest as well. It has a great story and leaves off for the next chapter. Does have re-playability to take different routes in quest or who you want to side with towards the end.

Amazing story, Interesting creatures throughout the game, FF style combat (turned based) Many Character upgrades, Creative open worlds to explore.
(Cons) 10 hours or less gameplay depending on if you do the side quest or not. There is quite a bit of "fetching" quest, however I don't think this is really a negative as this does let you see more of the world. Controls when flying seem kinda stiff even with a controller, and camera angles I found annoying inside caves, or tunnels...often would my companions get in my field of view while flying close indoors.

Thanks for reading my review. I am going to give this a second playthrough just because I really do find it most interesting game. I will definitely pick up the second part of this game and I am looking forward to it.