A very nice visual style completely over-shadowed by repetitive garbage.

User Rating: 4 | Faery: Legends of Avalon X360
Distinct art direction always appeals to me in video games. So when I saw the trailer for Faery I was instantly intrigued. Sadly after spending my points on the game, that's really the only good thing I can say about it. The character and location designs are original and very visually appealing, somewhere along the lines of classic fairy-tale illustrations meets Tim Burton. The game play however is severally lacking.

You play the role of a fairy recently awoken from stasis to save the mythical worlds and creatures that should be pretty well recognized; from goblins, trolls and ghouls, to fairies, genies, ghostly pirates and even the sphinx.

Apparently somewhere along the way all the magic has slowly been drained from the world and all the mythic folk are dying off, it's your job to find the source of the problem and solve it.

Simple enough idea, maybe a little played out, but hey, doesn't mean it can't be a fresh spin on an old concept right? Right.... at least for the first couple of hours.

Faery is your typical old school turned based RPG, which will attract some while driving others away. Myself, I'll always remember the glory days of turn based fighting fondly, but some how Faery manages to make that dull, even for the most hardcore.

In battle you're given your typical options, attack, items, offensive and defensive magic, change positions. Simple enough. Unfortunately too simple. Midway or so through the game you'll come to realize that the magic spells you're given to dish out punishment to your enemies, really don't have much diversity....or much reason to change up tactics. Throughout virtually the entire game you'll find yourself snoring from constantly doing the same attack sequences over and over, and rarely will you even find the need to change elements, which are limited to begin with.

Basically you have a choice between focusing your character on physical, healing, ice, fire, lighting, earth and air. There's really not much call to concentrate on one or the other as most of the time they tend to do the same amount of damage, and with the other characters that join your party there's not much your main character has that makes him stand out.

So the game runs the same pattern in every world, find a quest, fly around finish it, dull battle, dull battle, oh lord, another dull battle, and the story never really engages you enough to bother caring.

Aside from the art style the game's only saving grace is the character customization, and even that only stretches so far. Your initial build gives you an ok amount of choice to customize for a down loadable game, nothing spectacular, but decent. As you level up you get skill points you can pump into your character that not only give you a selection of (useless) attacks and spells, but they also change your appearance some. Such as a physical attack that hits all enemies which gives you horns, a tattoo on your face that (claims) it increases damage, and spells that make small alterations to your wings. Nice to look up, but in the end, redundant.

And everyone always loves a game with no real ending right? Right? Ok, maybe not.

I would only recommend spending money on this game if you're so bored watching grass grow is interesting, or you're just fishing for easy achievement points, otherwise, avoid it and spend your points on something better.