A short but fun tech demo

User Rating: 8 | Face Raiders 3DS
Face Raiders is a free, short shooter that comes pre loaded in the 3DS: The game's a lot of fun, but is also really short: It's made of 6 levels in total (and 3 show-your-friends levels). It's really well made. Keep reading to know why.

Gameplay: In face raiders, you take a picture of someone. His face then becomes evil and multiple of his faces attack you, and you have to shoot yellos balls at them. You can also use bombs at times, but it is pretty much useless most of the time. At the end of each stage, there's a boss battle.
The game takes place in real places, using the 3D camera, you can play wherever you want and it will appear as if the characters are where you are, similar to AR games.
The game has two modes. The main mode is jsut playing the 6 main levels, and there's also a mode to show your friends, which is simpler. You can also view your face collection.
You can take pictures of many different people and the game'll use them and give them expressions. THe game also takes faces from the camera application from the 3ds and uses them as enemies. You can save all the faces for later play if you want.
The concept is novel and works fine. You shoot with the A button and use bombs with B. To hit faces, you have to constantly move around in order to find them. The game is pretty easy to understand, but surprisingly hard to master, even when it only takes 3 hours to beat. You can always try to beat scores too, but that's not my kind of stuff.

Presentation: The presentation in the game is good. The graphics are nice, with very good effects given to the faces. Even if a face's expressions look weird, you can adjust them. The 3D effects don't really add too much to the experience, except when you see your scores, which pop out of the screen. I recommend turning the 3D off in this game, since cosntantly moving kind of ruins the sweetspot and the 3D isn't that good anyway. The impressive part about this game is the augmented reality part. It's funny to see your house being "destroyed".
The music is decent, but forgetable at best. It suits the game well though.

Story: There's no story in this game. Since it is just a tech demo, it isn't really necessary.

Replay Value: The game has replayability for people wanting to beat their scores. Also you can take pictures of the gameplay if you want, so people who like that stuff have something to get their attention on. Overall however, the game feels short, which is good, because it is enjoyable, and I think if it was longer, it'd be kind of dull.

Fun: This game is fun and nice to show your friends thanks to a show your friend mode. I didn't really expect much from it, and I don't think anyone should, the game is free, and is meant just to show what the system can do. If you got a 3ds, you probably already checked this out, but if you haven't, I say you should give it a try!

Overall: A nice, fun game. Really short, but that's because it's more of a tech demo. It won't hold you for long, but you'll enjoy it.