Puts the "RP" in "MMORPG"!

User Rating: 10 | Face of Mankind PC
I had really low hopes for this game. Its graphics are a little out-dated, but hey, so are WoW's! I came in expecting crappy gameplay, tons of bugs, and nothing really to do. I was wrong. I played it for a month or so and all I can tell you is that THIS GAME IS AMAZING! How? First of all, think of a world, just like the one you are living in today, that lets you do anything, but without any real-life consequences! This game is that world. This game is loaded with politics, economy, war, violence, and fun. You can walk around a street and shoot someone (this game works kind of like a third person shooter in a large MMORPG map) and the police, also other players, will come looking for you. If you keep killing people, they will have to get special forces and the army after YOU! If you're not that big into violence and you're more of a "peaceful" person, then you can join up in politics. There are in-game presidents who are players who need advisors. This game is so addicting that a lot of people are online at once keeping the world immersive. It works much like real life, if your job is a mercenary, for example, you would have to go on an assassination mission to kill someone. I would LOVE to type more about all the features in this game but there aren't much words to describe it. You would have to try it.

You know what they say, pictures are worth 1000 words, but video games are worth 1,000,000 words!