a great game, its rpg, lots of stuff to do in this game,

User Rating: 9.5 | Fable XBOX
fable is a fun rpg game that has a great storyline.
there is so much things about this game so i had to split it up a bit.

the sound/music is great it really suits the game there is lots of different types of music which makes this good. the music depends on the place so if your in a cave or a village it would be scary and nice peaceful music.

threat is one of the most common things on this game. there is different types of punishments for each threat for example if you committed murder you would probably have to pay a fair bit of money and get banned from the village that you committed murder in.

guards. guards walk around the villages and even in forests and stuff, so if a guard sees you committing a crime it will chase you and try to kill you and most of the time if there are any other guards around they will join in the fight. so don't steal unless your prepared!

the graphics in fable are not that good thats probably the only bad thing about this game. the people have big hands and talk weird and stuff which puts down this games score.

the difficulty is just right some bits are a bit hard though but if you get good upgrades and buy good weapons you will be fine.

items are one of the most important things in this game if you kill a bandit/bad guy you get maybe some money and sometimes a potion.

the shops are very helpful when your traveling they have rare items that are very useful for example some things help with food and some turn night to day and day to night.
there are also tattooists shops which make your guy more scary and stuff.

travelling shops are people that travel along the countryside looking for people to sell things to, these have lots of different varieties of shops for example some are tattooists and item sellers and weapon sellers. they are very useful when your lost and if you kill one they might drop some rare items.

the good side. there is a thing on this game that if you be good you will see butterflies flying around and you will grow to see this you need to do good deeds. if you are good people run to you and applaud you.

the bad side is another side that if you kill people constantly you will start to rot and grow devil horns to get rid of this you need to be good, if you go around villages when your rotting and have big devil horns people won't like you much.

the gameplay is fun it is so fun to just go around killing stuff.

the good thing about this game is you can choose different ways of the game so you can choose to be good and you can choose to be bad.

overall this game is an amazing fun to play game that deserves a rating of 9.5!!!!