this game is one of the best xbox games around!

User Rating: 10 | Fable: The Lost Chapters (Platinum Hits) XBOX
lion head studios really knew what to do with this game. first off, i dont own the original fable and dont plan to. so i dont know how to determin witch ones better. well this game is a very good game. so good youll might lose yourself in it. not "in it" like in morrowind or oblivion but something like it. one thing is you can be good or evil or anything in between! and they all have there advanteges and disadvanteges. when your evil you lose hair grow horns, flies buzz around you, and your eyes turn dark red, not to mention the red aura following you. and when your good, you get, blue eyes,and a HALO!!!! but the game starts out::::::SPOILERS::::::::
you as a boy trying to get your sister a birthday present. once you get the gold from your father doing good deeds, your home is attacked by bandits. you hide, the town burns they kill your dad everyone,and the leader takes your mother and sister. then right before your killed by a bandit, maze the mage kills him and your off to the heros guild. and from there you train and adventure around! overall you should buy this game, its only $20 and its way better than the normal game. more content=more fun!