A great game in all departments,but rabid RPG fans will go through Fable in just a day or two.

User Rating: 8 | Fable XBOX
RPG fans will love Fable due to the wonderfully done RPG feel the game gives you along with a somewhat epic storyline and a great battle system.

Fable is about a young boy whos life is trashed....His parents are killed and hes left for dead until he is rescued by a first class mage named Maze(were have we heard this before)Maze takes him to a guild were he is trained to become a true hero,15 years later you are set on your own to avenge your family and further through the story you will face double crossers and death.It may sound kind of old from most RPG storylines but it works quite well as your proceed further into the game.In Fable you choose if you want to be good or bad,but sadly is doesnt really change the story which is a shame.

The game is a lot of fun to play.You have lots of different spells to choose from and there really neat to look at and perform.The battle system is pretty plain you get a short and long ranged weapon but it works fine when its tied in with the magic.The game is not very hard at all in fact its almost to easy.Rabid RPG players will finish it and perhaps all the quests in just a few hours.So anyone looking for a longer RPG should probally look some were else.

The game looks very good.The levels look outstanding and really make you feel like your playing some magical RPG.Its a shame most of the character modles are pretty ugly.Some of the characters faces looks mushed in like they were smoothed out to much.Your character on the other hand looks awesome by the end of your journey you may look rugged and have many battle scars.

Fable sounds pretty good with all the enchanting music, once again you actually feel like your in this different world or something.Most of the voice acting is extremely annoying and unless your British a lot of it is gonna be hard to understand.

After you finish the game being good you will most definitly wanna go through at least one more time to see how it is being a bad guy.Theres also a lot of sidequests and items to collect after you finish it but theres not much more after that to keep you coming back.

Overall though I really do think most fans of RPGs will really like what the game has to bring to the table but those looking for a challenge and thats it should probably look away and find a different game.