good entry into the Fable series. responsive controls, good story, nice audio/visual presentation.

User Rating: 8.5 | Fable: The Journey X360
didnt have particularly high expectations for the game but was pleasantly surprised. the story, visuals, and music really impressed me. i love the Fable franchise and this is definitely a worthy addition to the universe. theresa's character development is great - she was always a bit of a mystery in the previous games, but is much more of a relatable person this time around. gabriel, the protagonist of this 'journey' is also quite fun. a lot of thought went into his (and just about everythings) design, from his overall 'gypsy' sort of look to his voice over and all the way down to his funny way of running. i would suggest you try the demo if you have a kinect. make your own opinions of the game. it really is unlike anything i have ever played and was definitely worthy of my time and money. a little bit on the short side. wish it was longer. liked it that much. i could understand why people think its disappointing, but i honestly enjoyed myself quite a bit.