Overall a solid rail shooter, just don't expect a Fable game.

User Rating: 7 | Fable: The Journey X360
First of all, let me get this out: this is not a Fable game as most people would envision. I've read a few professional reviews that have called this game "the first hardcore gamer game" for the Kinect, to which I could not disagree more. While it has a few small RPG elements, this game is a rail-shooter through and through. Think Area 51, or other arcade style games. So take it for what it is. I sure would've preferred a more feature rich action RPG similar to the other Fable titles. However, if you take a step back and reset your expectations, you will find a very solid and entertaining rail shooting experience

The core gameplay experience itself is the reason to play this game, and to that end I am very pleased. Spells are summoned by gesturing your hands (right hand for offensive spells, left for defensive), allowing you to select from a myriad of spells. Once selected, the spells are fired by jabbing your hand forward towards your target. This is where this game excels - casting spells makes you feel like a real bad ***. In the thick of the action, you'll be jabbing your hands in every which way like Gandalf (or any other one of your favorite wizards). You can even nerd out and summon your spells with voice commands by raising your hand and shouting voice commands such as "fireball" or "magic shard."

Unfortunately the accuracy and gesture recognition is occasionally poor. I don't know how much the game can be faulted for this, since I have yet to play a Kinect game that hasn't bugged out at one point or another. But just be prepared to deal with minor annoyances here and there. Usually this involves a fireball launching to the side of the screen, when you clearly are aiming at an enemy near the center. These frustrations are further exacerbated due to the fact that you must return to the main menu to re-calibrate the controls. The omission of a two-player mode is similarly disappointing.

The graphics and sound are well polished and bring an excellent backdrop to the core game. The trademark art-style of Fable is fully intact here, and the levels are unique and interesting. All in all, this makes Fable: The Journey as solid as any other rail-shooter I've played. With the addition of the exciting control scheme, this game is one of the best rail shooters I've played. Unless you are dying to play the game now, however, I would wait for the price to drop. For full retail value, this game doesn't offer much in the ways of replayability, clocking in at around 8-10 hours.